Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Difference Between the "Complete" and "Flex" Editions of Deterrence in Southern Asia?

The Strategic Learning initiative offers two versions of Deterrence in Southern Asia to meet the needs of different learners. While both versions of the course contain the exact same content, the "Complete" edition of the course requires students to complete each lesson sequentially, whereas the "Flex" edition allows students to complete the lessons in any order they please.

However, only the "Complete" edition of Deterrence in Southern Asia offers students a certificate upon completion of the course.

How Do I Access Deterrence in Southern Asia?

Deterrence in Southern Asia is a public good, and will always be free for users. To enroll, navigate to the course home page. Click "SIGNUP" in the banner in the upper right-hand corner to create an account.

Once you have verified your account, click on the "COURSE CATALOG" button on the right-hand of the homepage. Then, save an edition of Deterrence in Southern Asia to your homepage by clicking the "GET THIS COURSE" button next to your chosen course. (Note: only students enrolled in the "Complete" edition of the course are eligible for certificates of completion). 

How Do I Log Into My Account?

Once you have registered for a free account, click "LOGIN" in the upper right-hand banner of the Strategic Learning website and enter your email/username and password.

How Can I Load Deterrence in Southern Asia Lessons?

In order to load and access lessons in Deterrence in Southern Asia, please make sure your browser is configured to accept third-party cookies. The Strategic Learning initiative uses an industry standard e-learning file type called SCORM to build and distribute course content. If you receive the "MissingKeyMissing Key-Pair-Id query parameter or cookie value" error when trying to load Deterrence in Southern Asia SCORM content, follow this guide to enabling your browser to accept third-party cookies.

Can Students Earn a Certificate for Completing Deterrence in Southern Asia?

Yes! To receive a certificate, be sure to enroll in the "Complete" edition of Deterrence in Southern Asia. The "Flex" edition does not offer certificates. 

Each certificate displays the following information by default:

  • Your name
  • The Stimson Center and Strategic Learning logos
  • Stimson Center Cofounder Michael Krepon's signature
  • The date of course completion

Each certificate is downloadable as a PDF file. You can also share your certificate on LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

To earn a digital certificate, students must complete the lessons indicated under "Completion Rules" on the Deterrence in Southern Asia: Complete Edition homepage. This requires reading the texts, watching the videos, completing interactive features, and answering all knowledge checks.

If you have completed the course and not received your Strategic Learning certificate within 2 weeks (10 business days), please email

Can Students Stay Connected to Strategic Learning After Taking Deterrence in Southern Asia?

Yes! After completing Deterrence in Southern Asia, students can stay connected to the Strategic Learning community and continue learning about evolving strategic dynamics in Southern Asia and beyond by subscribing to the Strategic Learning YouTube channel, following the Strategic Learning Facebook page, and following Strategic Learning on Twitter.

How can instructors promote Strategic Learning and Deterrence in Southern Asia?

This PDF gives more detailed information about Strategic Learning and promoting the initiative on social media. There are three main ways you can promote the initiative:

  • Post about Strategic Learning on social media using graphics and sample language available in this Social Media Kit. Remember to tag @stratlearning (on Twitter) and include a hyperlink to
  • Visit the Strategic Learning Resources page for instructional materials and suggestions for integrating Strategic Learning into the classroom.
  • Share Strategic Learning's exclusive interviews with your networks on social media. The interviews are available via Strategic Learning's YouTube channel.